Frequently Asked Questions

How does lead generation work?

4 Step Process

Step 1. A consumer has a legal issue and needs to hire a lawyer and searches online to find a solution to their legal problem.

Step 2. The consumer lands on one of the Landing Pages and fills out a detailed form with all of their case requirements.

Step 3. We then take these detailed cases and deliver them to your firm as a new client inquiry, or lead.

Step 4. Your firm proceeds to follow up with the consumer.

What practice areas and locations do you cover?

We cover all U.S. regions and over 50+ practice areas, including personal injury, DUI/DWI, SSDI, divorce and family law, bankruptcy and many more.

Do you offer exclusive or shared leads?

We offer both exclusive and shared leads.

How many leads will become clients?

This will depend largely on how well you follow up and on your particular practice area and location.

Once I sign up, how soon can I start receiving leads?

You can start receiving leads as soon as the same day you sign up for our lead generation program. Sign up today.

How do the leads get to me?

Every time a consumer submits a form requesting legal assistance in your practice area and location from one of our websites, we email you all of the details from that form or post that information directly to your CRM.

Can I add more than one person from my office to receive the leads?

Absolutely. There are no restrictions on the number of email addresses who can receive leads for your account.

What information do you provide for each lead?

We’ve developed forms with questions specific to each practice area that collect full contact information and case-specific details. All of this information is relayed directly to you. In our personalized demonstration, you will see examples of real leads in your practice area and location.